Gaelic portable goals fitted at Primary School

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are delighted to have fitted a set of portable Gaelic portable goals for a Primary School. St John Bosco Primary School is located in Portglenone in Northern Ireland and the principle invited us to kit them out with some sports equipment that they needed.

The Gaelic portable nets fitted at the primary school have been set up so that they can be used in the school playground and removed when not in use.

We also were able to supply and fit a set of Basketball nets in the same area. This allows the school to get the most out of their playground area. The basketball nets and posts were fixed in place rather than being portable.

Here are some photographs from the project:

St John Bosco Primary School

At Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd we love making sports accessible for children. It is great to see lots of kids getting the opportunity learn different sports at school and learning how to play as a team. St. John Bosco Primary School also maximised their playground area which is now kitted out for basketball and can be quickly converted for Gaelic when the team want to practice.

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