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Team Shelters at Aughnacloy Primary School

Recently Specialist Sports Equipment to supply Team Shelters at Aughnacloy Primary School.

The school got in touch with us and we were delighted to give them information and a price for the full job – Supply and fitting two team shelters to their 3G pitch.

Team Shelters at Aughnacloy Primary School

And here are the finished products which included the concrete base for the team shelters and two foot brushes which you can see in the pictures below. 

2016-02-24 12.39.41 2016-02-24 12.39.51

We at Specialist Sports Equipments are pleased to have worked for Aughnacloy Primary School.

Get in touch us here at Specialist Sports Equipment by emailing Dominic at if you have any sporting needs or questions about how we can help you.

This project goes to show that at Specialist sports Equipment we are prepared to take on complete projects which include everything from goals, to fencing and we are also happy to carry out smaller jobs like this one for Aughnacloy Primary School where we were able to install two team shelters.


New Goals at Peoples Park Portadown

The Peoples Park in Portadown has asked Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd to install new goals in their grounds. Fox Contracts came to us to carry out work in the public park which has recently been refurbished.

New Goals at Peoples Park Portadown

New Goals at Peoples Park Portadown

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd were delighted to install different types of goals and some work on the pitches.

We were able to

  • fit two sets of Steel Senior Soccer goals
  • fit one set of Aluminium Senior Gaelic Goals
  • mark out all three pitches, including ground pins and painting of lines

We were happy to supply everything and carry out all of the installation of the goals including bases and nets. To find out more about the refurbishment of the Peoples Park in Portadown please click here. If you would like to find out more about the services we can offer or about installing goals for your sports pitch please get in touch with us here at Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd.


Specialist Sports Equipment – Football Goals and Accessories

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd provide Football goals and accessories throughout Ireland. If you are planning a football pitch or refurbishing sports grounds or updating your indoor sports equipment then Specialist Sports Equipment will be able to help you. Here are the details of what we have to offer:
Specialist Sports Equipment - Football Goals and Accessories

We have a wide range of goals to offer all types of football pitches.
11/7 a-side fixed goals include –
Millennium Star (Integrated net System)
Maracana Star (Integrated net System)
Available in Aluminium or steel.
 Post sizes 102mm, can come with fixation without nets hooks or with net hooks (see Millennium star for the image for this)
 Moulded aluminium Corner connectors.
 Goals supplied with installation sleeves and caps.

San Siro Goals

Portable Goals –
Maracana Portable
River plate
Available in 7 or 11-a-side. 
102mm aluminium Plastic coated white, Lugs and braces Galvanised steel Plastic coated green.
With 2 options of wheels.
 Supplied with ground attachments.
Butt goals –
Galvanised steel 80mm 
Moulded aluminium corners connector Net fixings nylon hooks to face 
arches 32mm galvanised steel
4 size option
3m wide x 2m high
4m x 2m
5m x 2m 
6m x 2m
Folding Goals
7-a-side 6m x 2.1m high
Available in steel or aluminium –
Camp Nou 2
San Siro
Folding goals are designed for when space is at a premium. Ideal for synthetic turf pitches – when the goals are not in use they fold back in line with the fence.
Post sizes 102mm Aluminium or 80 steel, Plastic Coat white. 
Rear Cage made up of galvanised steel 80 x 40mm box section plastic coat.
Can be adjustable from depths of 2.1m – 3.6m 
300mm galvanised steel roller.

And we also offer a huge range of accessories:

3G Shoes Cleaner
3G Pitch Shoe Cleaners
These are a must have for any Club, School or University with 3G pitches to ensure clean shoes before and after use. A shoe brush is 320 x 165mm and can be fitted side by side or single.
Football Tunnels 
Our extendible tunnels enable the players to go from the dressing rooms to the stadium or sports arenas under cover. They are specifically designed so that they can be opened and closed easily and quickly, reducing in size to a few centimetres and therefore don’t become an obstruction for the spectators.
The tunnels are made of anodised aluminium section 40x 35mm, 3-groove profile
 Caster system 125mm ø
Polyester coated PVC Canvas, Gloss finish on both sides 630g/m2 
Fire proof with M2 fire classification
Standard Colour is White
Size available: 2.3m – 2.7m high
Choice of widths 2m, 2.4m, 2.8m or 3m
Lengths: 3m – 10m

Rear Masts
A set of rear masts are a must have accessory for goals with box type nets fitted as they keep the net tight and tidy. They are supplied in sets of 2 per goal or 3 per goal.
 Steel galvanised 80mm ø tube or 50mm ø tube plastic coated green.
Net Lifting System 
These will help you to maintain your pitch more easily as you can have your nets lifted in seconds when cutting the grass, etc. Quick and easy to fit and a lot less hassle when you’re working around the nets area.
Made from 32mm steel galvanised tube, adjustable to the depth of goal nets,
11-a-side goals – 2m – 2.7m
7-a-side goals – 1.3m – 1.8m

Removable Ground Anchors (Pigtails anchor system)
A great safety accessory for portable goals.
Available for 32mm tube or 102mm tube.

Ball Stops
Reduce the time looking for lost balls both during games or after training. Cut down on the cost of having to replace lost balls. Keep your neighbours happy as ball stops will stop balls straying onto their property.
Ball Stop nets by Specialist Sports Equipment are made to suit the client needs.
We design each ball stop for each site, as no two sites are the same.
Ball stop range from – 4m high – 16m high and 10m wide to whatever width the client needs.

Netting –
Ranges From 18 mm square – 150mm square

We also supply a range of team shelters. 


Team shelters range in height from 1.6m -2m high & are available from 1-6m wide
The frame is made from aluminium profile plastic coated white, (other colours available on request)

3 options of rear protection –
Polycarbonate honeycomb 6mm (standard)
White Plastic coated ALU/PE/ALU sandwich plate 2mm
Transparent Polycarbonate 4mm but other colours available on request.

2 options of side protection –
Transparent PETG Veralite 2mm (standard)
White plastic coated ALU/PE/ALU sandwich plate 2mm & also Club or school logo sticker can be used on sides on request.

2 option of seating – 

Reinforced aluminium bench (standard)
PVC moulded seats

Anchor supplied

Wheels available

Shelter 2

VIP TEAM Shelters

Characteristics that make this shelter a very high-end product:

Seats are arranged in 2 staggered rows to facilitate the vision (according to FFF regulation).

14 lengths are available: from 1 to 7.5 m

Up to 23 seats

Innovative design:

– Structure made of grey plastic-coated aluminium profile (standard)

– Total height: 2100 mm.

– Total depth: 2175 mm.

Customize the shelters with your own colours:

– White plastic-coated 2 or 3 mm aluminium rear panel, 14 colours to choose

– Translucent coloured or fluo Plexiglas® side panel, 14 colours to choose

– Possibility to install bucket seats “Sparaco” or any other brand on request

3 types of seat (see below):

“Elegance®” seat: blue plastic shell

‘’Dynamic®” seat: blue plastic shell, up seat

Bucket seat: Shelter equipped with supports for bucket seat installation, available in leather or fabric.

If you haven’t spotted what you are looking for above then please feel free to get in touch wit us and we can discuss you football needs in Northern Ireland. Just call Specialist Sports Equipment on 028 7938 6609.


Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd – Ireland

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are a Northern Ireland business who supply and install specialist sports equipment throughout Ireland. Based in Bellaghy, Co. Derry Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are a family run business who offer a wide range of products covering all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

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