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Upgrades at Ballygalget GAC, Co Down

Specialist Fencing Contracts Ltd recently visited Co. Down to go back to one of our customers. 15 years ago Specialist Fencing Contracts Ltd erected a ball stop for Ballygalget GAC. The ball stop was not is great condition when we called over – a result of damage caused by storm Doris. 

Upgrades at Ballygalget GAC, Co Down

As you can see the damage was quite bad, leaving the ball stops useless. Specialist Fencing Contracts Ltd we asked to replace ball stop and net.

Here are pictures of the new Ball stop and net once they were installed.

Upgrades at Ballygalget GAC, Co Down

Upgrades at Ballygalget GAC, Co Down

As you can see the result is excellent and the club were delighted with the work. We hope that these net last for another 15 years. When on site we serviced the clubs other ball stop net and fitted new tensioner and protection pipes.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Upgrades at Ballygalget GAC, Co Down

Upgrades at Ballygalget GAC, Co Down

Specialist Fencing Contracts Ltd worked quickly ensuring that Ballygalget GAC were in working order as soon as possible.

If you require fencing of sports equipment for your Gaelic, Hockey, Rugby or soccer pitches then please give us a call at Specialist Fencing Contracts Ltd. Call us on 028 7938 6609 as we will be happy to talk to your about nets, ball stops or any other of your sports equipment needs.


Ball Stop Net Supply and Fit – Ireland

Specialist Fencing Contracts were invited to price for the supply and fit of a ball stop net at Eirn Og Carrickmore at the start of May. Éire Óg Carrickmore is a Hurling and Camogie Club in County Tyrone and they needed a 14m high x 50m wide ball stop net and 14m high x 30m wide. We were awarded the contract and the job had to be finished by 8th June – we love a challenging deadline!

Ball Stop Net Supply and Fit - Ireland

Ball Stop Net Supply and Fit – Ireland

We started digging the bases onsite on Tuesday 24th May, and we had all the bases dug and set by the 26th.
We took delivery of the steel posts on 25th to our Specialist Fencing Contracts workshop and they were built, and ready for the galvanising treatment which gives them a weatherproof coating and protects them from rust.
We had the posts ready for Eirn Og Carrickmore by Tuesday 2nd June and go them delivered to the site well within our deadline.

We set post up on Thursday and on Friday we were able to start getting the netting fitted. 
We finished the 14m high x 30m wide on Saturday afternoon,and started the 14m x 50m on Saturday evening, and finished it all on Tuesday morning.

Ball Stop Net Supply and Fit - Ireland

Ball Stop Net Supply and Fit - Ireland

Eirn Og Carrickmore are delighted with their Ball Stop Nets and the whole job was carried out within their deadline. The job was carried out by Specialist Fencing Contracts all in a matter of 3 weeks from start to finish.

At Specialist Fencing Contracts we pride ourselves on doing our very best to give our clients exactly what they need, even within tight time restraints. We understand that sports pitches, club and teams are very busy organisations and that our access to pitches can be difficult to plan ahead, so we want to make the whole process as easy as possible for all involved.
If you have a project which you would like to talk to us about please get in touch, even if you have a tight timeline, and we will do our best to meet your needs. Call Specialist Fencing Contracts on 028 7938 6609  for more information about Ball Stop Net Supply and Fit or any of our other services.


Specialist Sports Equipment – Rugby

Specialist Sports Equipment supply Rugby Posts, and accessories for Rugby pitches. The family run business work throughout Ireland and they have all you need to fully furnish your pitch ready for action.

Specialist Sports Equipment - Rugby

Rugby Goals

Rugby football goals are available in steel and aluminium. They can be installed as fixed goals or with hinged base. The Hinged Base allows the goals need to be remove after games.

Rugby Goals come in 3 different sizes 8m, 11m and 14.5m high. 

We supply Steel Goals – <Steel, Ø 102mm, white plastic-coated (RAL 9010). Posts come in 2 section: connected by sliding the top part inside the bottom part.
Removable crossbar attached by 4no bolts.

Aluminium Goals are also available which are made of white (Ral-9010) Plastic coated aluminium tube 102mm and 96mm

Post in 3 section: connected by sliding the top part inside the bottom part.

Removable crossbar to be inserted into the screw-on steel runners.


Rugby Protection 01Foam Post protectors
2m high PVC cover Velcro attachment.

Come in the following thickness,
200 x 200mm
300x 300mm
400 x 400mm

If you have any questions, queries of specific needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dominic at office@specialistsportsequipment.com. Specialist Sports Equipment can supply all you need for your Rugby pitch.


New Goals at Peoples Park Portadown

The Peoples Park in Portadown has asked Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd to install new goals in their grounds. Fox Contracts came to us to carry out work in the public park which has recently been refurbished.

New Goals at Peoples Park Portadown

New Goals at Peoples Park Portadown

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd were delighted to install different types of goals and some work on the pitches.

We were able to

  • fit two sets of Steel Senior Soccer goals
  • fit one set of Aluminium Senior Gaelic Goals
  • mark out all three pitches, including ground pins and painting of lines

We were happy to supply everything and carry out all of the installation of the goals including bases and nets. To find out more about the refurbishment of the Peoples Park in Portadown please click here. If you would like to find out more about the services we can offer or about installing goals for your sports pitch please get in touch with us here at Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd.


Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd – Ireland

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are a Northern Ireland business who supply and install specialist sports equipment throughout Ireland. Based in Bellaghy, Co. Derry Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are a family run business who offer a wide range of products covering all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd - Ireland

Our team have been providing specialist sports equipment, delivering it and installing at sports clubs, councils and schools for over 20 years. We always carry out a professional, high quality job to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd – Ireland

The products which we offer cater for all kinds of sports including Soccer, Gaelic, Rugby, and Hockey. Equipment can range from goal posts, ball stops, team shelters and all kinds of accessories such as 3G Shoe Cleaners, Net Lifting System and Football Tunnels.

We also design and manufacture sports fencing and many related products click here to visit our Specialist Fencing Contracts website.

To find out more about the products which we offer please click here and if you don’t see want you are looking for just give Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd a call as we cater for many other sports and activities throughout Ireland.