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Team Shelters at Aughnacloy Primary School

Recently Specialist Sports Equipment to supply Team Shelters at Aughnacloy Primary School.

The school got in touch with us and we were delighted to give them information and a price for the full job – Supply and fitting two team shelters to their 3G pitch.

Team Shelters at Aughnacloy Primary School

And here are the finished products which included the concrete base for the team shelters and two foot brushes which you can see in the pictures below. 

2016-02-24 12.39.41 2016-02-24 12.39.51

We at Specialist Sports Equipments are pleased to have worked for Aughnacloy Primary School.

Get in touch us here at Specialist Sports Equipment by emailing Dominic at office@specialistsportsequipment.com if you have any sporting needs or questions about how we can help you.

This project goes to show that at Specialist sports Equipment we are prepared to take on complete projects which include everything from goals, to fencing and we are also happy to carry out smaller jobs like this one for Aughnacloy Primary School where we were able to install two team shelters.


Specialist Sports Equipment – Gaelic Football

Specialist Sports Equipment can provide Gaelic Football goals, accessories and team shelters on you grounds. Whether you are building something new or refurbishing an existing pitch Specialist Sports Equipment are sure to have what you need. Here is what we have to offer:

Specialist Sports Equipment - Gaelic Football

Gaelic football goals are available in steel and aluminium.
Specialist Sports equipment can install them as fixed goals or with hinged bases where the goals need to be removed after games.
They are available in 2 sizes –
11m high for Club standard,
13m high for Inter County standard,
General Specifications:
Gaelic football goals (pair)
Steel, Ø 102mm, white plastic-coated (RAL 9010)
Lugs “Net support” Ø32mm steel green (RAL 6005)
Internal goal: 6500 x 2500mm
Posts height above ground: 11m
Posts supplied in 2 parts
Joint by sliding the upper part on the lower part by sleeving.
Removable crossbar to fit into the steel sliders fixed by screws.
Sealing : sleeve depth 800mm
Net mesh 120mm for football or 50mm for hurling , braided 3mm black (please consult us)

Ball stops

Ball Stops
Why install Ball Stop Nets at your sports ground?
Ball Stop nets can help with hassle of looking for lost balls during a game or after training.
They cut the cost of having to replace lost balls.
A great safety feature keeping balls within the grounds and not straying onto neighbouring property.
Also very useful where grounds are roadside and there’s a potential for stray balls to hit traffic
Ball Stop nets are made to the bespoke sizes the client needs.
Specialist Sports Equipment design and install each ball stop for each site, taking into account the club’s requirements, as no two sites are the same.
Ball stop range from –
4m high – 16m high
10m wide to as wide as the client needs.
Netting –
Ranges from 18 mm square – 150mm square.

Net Lifting System.
A net lifting system from Specialist Sports Equipment will allow your pitch to be easier maintained. They are quick and easy to fit. You can have your nets lifted in seconds when cutting the pitch, avoiding the hassle of cutting around the nets or worse still getting the lawnmower tangled in them.
They are made from 32mm steel galvanised tube and are adjustable to the depth of goal nets.

Team Shelters
Team shelters obviously provide much needed protection from adverse weather and give everyone on the side-lines more comfort.
Team shelters range in height from 1.6m -2m high & are available from 1-6m wide 
The frame is made from aluminium profile – plastic coated in white (other colours available on request)
3 options of rear protection:
Polycarbonate honeycomb 6mm (standard)
White Plastic coated ALU/PE/ALU sandwich plate 2mm
Transparent Polycarbonate 4mm
Other colours available on request
2 option of side protection:
Transparent PETG Veralite 2mm (standard)
White Plastic coated ALU/PE/ALU sandwich plate 2mm
Also Club or School logo sticker on sides on request.
2 option of seating:
Reinforced aluminium bench (standard) with PVC moulded seats
Anchor supplied
Wheels available

VIP TEAM Shelters

Characteristics that make this shelter a very high-end product:
Seats are arranged in 2 staggered rows to facilitate the vision (according to FFF regulation).
14 lengths are available: from 1 to 7.5 m
Up to 23 seats
Innovative design:
Structure made of grey plastic-coated aluminium profile (standard)
– Total height: 2100 mm.
– Total depth: 2175 mm.
You can customize the VIP shelters with your own colours:
White plastic-coated 2 or 3 mm aluminium rear panel, 14 colours to choose
Translucent coloured or fluo Plexiglas® side panel, 14 colours to choose
Possibility to install bucket seats “Sparaco” or any other brand on request
3 types of seat (see below):
“Elegance®” seat: blue plastic shell – ‘’Dynamic®” seat: blue plastic shell, up seat or
Bucket seat: shelter equipped with supports for bucket seat installation, available in leather or fabric.

Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama

To enquire about any Gaelic equipment for your Gaelic grounds in Ireland contact Dominic, office@specialistsportsequipment.com


Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd – Ireland

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are a Northern Ireland business who supply and install specialist sports equipment throughout Ireland. Based in Bellaghy, Co. Derry Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd are a family run business who offer a wide range of products covering all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd - Ireland

Our team have been providing specialist sports equipment, delivering it and installing at sports clubs, councils and schools for over 20 years. We always carry out a professional, high quality job to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd – Ireland

The products which we offer cater for all kinds of sports including Soccer, Gaelic, Rugby, and Hockey. Equipment can range from goal posts, ball stops, team shelters and all kinds of accessories such as 3G Shoe Cleaners, Net Lifting System and Football Tunnels.

We also design and manufacture sports fencing and many related products click here to visit our Specialist Fencing Contracts website.

To find out more about the products which we offer please click here and if you don’t see want you are looking for just give Specialist Sports Equipment Ltd a call as we cater for many other sports and activities throughout Ireland.